[Jekyll] Tom and Claire

A whole lot of fic! Mostly crossovers.

Hey, are any of my lovely fellow Jekyll fans still in the house? In any case, here's what I've been writing for these past few months.

Come As You Are
"Tonight, more than ever, Hyde can be himself." Set in-series, on Halloween. (For those of you who are interested, ellerkay wrote a follow-up here!)

Wolves at the Door
When a familiar display of superhuman abilities catches Miranda's eye, she must decide whether to leave retirement. Set post-series, with vague spoilers. Crossover with The Middleman.

The Night Belongs To Us.
Always looking for something new and different, Hyde makes a new friend with warnings and promises of the future. Crossover with Angel: The Series; warning for sexual references and violent imagery.

What Lies Within
The Jackman twins have been accepted at a school for wizards, and both they and their parents must face the unanswered questions of the past and prepare for an unpredictable future. Set post-series, with spoilers. Crossover with Harry Potter.

Not all lions live in cages. Crossover with Gargoyles.

Waking Hours
As he tries to hold onto his sanity, Tom encounters a mysterious visitor who is madness personified. Crossover with The Sandman.
[Jekyll] Tom and Claire

A fic meme is happening!

Salutations and greetings, my fellow Jekyll fans!

You may be interested to know that, in the interest of breathing some life into our tiny, struggling fandom, showvillain is running a fic meme HERE.

All ratings, formats, genres, etc. are welcome, including crossovers. There've been some amazing prompts posted already, so by all means, read, write, and enjoy!
[Jekyll] Tom and Claire

More Fic

Title: Facts and Figures
Summary: Five things that Tom has learned about Claire.
Pairing: Claire/Tom
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of the BBC.
Words: c. 1,485
Notes: This takes place before the series begins, and contains no real spoilers, although it makes a bit more sense if you've seen the entire show.

Read it here!


Title: To Be King
Author: ellerkay
Rating: PG-13 to light R for some sexual and violent imagery
Word count: 1,052
Summary: Hyde was in love with the world.
A/N: This is Hyde POV, set around the beginning of the series. It is dedicated to the wonderful nevacaruso, who got me into this fandom and convinced me that it needed more fanfic.

Here at my journal.
[Jekyll] Tom and Claire

Another New Ficlet

Title: Daddy's Home
Summary: ...While he may only have the physical abilities of an ordinary human being, Tom still has access to all of Hyde's memories.
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of the BBC.
Words: c. 525
Warnings: Some violent imagery; spoilers for the entire series.
Notes: Reposted (in slightly altered form) from the Macabre March Madness comment meme, in response to a prompt from showvillain. There are a couple of other Jekyll prompts waiting to be filled!

Some things he can't forget.
[SKU] mad scientist lurve

New Fanfic

Hello again, fellow Jekyll fans. Sorry if you saw this prematurely posted a week or so ago. This is the edited version.

Title: A Matter of Time
Summary: Tom Jackman adapts to his new circumstances.
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of the BBC.
Words: c. 1,685
Warnings: Some innuendo, but nothing worse than one would expect from Hyde.
Notes: Set before and during the first episode.

Not long ago, he would have said that things like this simply didn’t happen outside of fiction: stories of werewolves and vampires and mad scientists whose potions turned them into murderous lunatics.
[X-Men] building something better

Fanfic (Post-Series)

Having just seen Jekyll very recently, I am so late to the party that everyone else has probably already left. I'll just leave this fic on the table and be on my way, then.

Title: Write Our Own Ending
Summary: The first six months of the rest of Claire's life.
Pairing: Claire/Tom
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of the BBC.
Words: c. 1,655
Warnings: Non-graphic sexual references, spoilers for the entire series.

Will she always see the monsters around every corner, now that she knows that some of them are real?

A little video~

Hello! Long time lurker here.
I made a musicvideo of sorts - it just had to be made. Actually, I'm surprised no one did something like this before me.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

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